State-of-the-art fireproof tool room

Vision plastics continues to lead the way

Reducing the risk of loss is critical to any manufacturer, particularly when it comes to reducing property damage and business interruption. For Vision Plastics, this is serious business. Recently, Vision added a “State of the art” mold storage room as part of an on going effort to protect customer molds from disaster in case of fire. Vision Plastics currently stores about 1000 customer owned molds.


  • 4000 square foot, fireproof mold storage area
  • Three large roll up fire doors with a fused link that will automatically close in case of fire
  • All flammables have been removed from area
  • New 10-ton bridge crane that accesses 2200 square feet of the large mold storage area
  • New 8 ton powered pallet jack for staging of large tools
  • Contingency plan developed with Local Fire Department to minimize damage and exposure to water as well as mold extrication if required

This addition demonstrates our on-going commitment to excellence. If you have not been to our facility in a while, now is a good time to schedule a visit.


Brian Stevens