Cycle Time Reduction by 30% in Injection Molding; Liquid CO2 Spot Cooling

Joe Holt and Kevin Ng, Vision Plastics, Wilsonville, OR

In custom injection molding, time plays a key role to how much each part is worth; where conventional water cooling methods may take up to 40-60% of the overall cycle time. Vision Plastics sees this is as an opportunity to embrace a more efficient method of managing cycle time called CO2 Spot Mold Cooling (SMC) technology. This injects liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) in controlled pulses through tiny capillary tubes into strategic areas of the mold. By supplementing existing water lines with this method of cooling, we can potentially decrease the cooling time by up to 50% and the overall cycle time by 30% in some cases.

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Latest In Automation & Production Monitoring

By continually seeking opportunities for innovation, Vision can improve our processes while offering our clients an advantage. Every Vision employee is empowered to suggest ways to optimize our workflows.

New Sepro S5 Robots

Vision recently purchased and installed 3 new Sepro S5 robots. Equipped with more sophisticated and easier to program controllers, these robots enable Vision to perform jobs with greater complexity. Featuring a more robust design, the Sepro S5 robot handles heavier payloads while maintaining the speed and accuracy of models currently in use at Vision.

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State-Of-The-Art Fireproof Tool Room

Vision Plastics Continues To Lead The Way

Decreasing the risk of loss is critical to any manufacturer, particularly when it comes to reducing property damage and business interruption. For Vision Plastics, this is serious business. But what does this commitment look like in practice? Our “state of the art” mold storage room. It’s part of our ongoing effort to protect customer molds from disaster in case of fire and allows us to safely and securely store customer-owned molds onsite.

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