Latest In Automation & Production Monitoring

By continually seeking opportunities for innovation, Vision can improve our processes while offering our clients an advantage. Every Vision employee is empowered to suggest ways to optimize our workflows.

New Sepro S5 Robots

Vision recently purchased and installed 3 new Sepro S5 robots. Equipped with more sophisticated and easier to program controllers, these robots enable Vision to perform jobs with greater complexity. Featuring a more robust design, the Sepro S5 robot handles heavier payloads while maintaining the speed and accuracy of models currently in use at Vision.

Real-Time Production Tracking

Vision has also implemented a state-of-the-art, embedded system to continually measure and track production data in real time—enabling more proactive decision making. The result of this embedded solution is improved machine management, efficiency, visibility and productivity. Through real-time monitoring, we’ll always know where your order stands as it moves through production.

Committed To Automation

For 30 years, Vision Plastics has led the way in molding and contract assembly services for a diverse customer base. Our top goals have always been to provide innovative solutions and exceptional value to our customers.

In pursuit of this goal, we recognize that tools and people are our most valuable assets. That’s why Vision’s management team is committed to outfitting our new electric molding machines with the latest in automation. This is just one of Vision’s ongoing equipment technology updates, and includes:

  • Seven new grip and vacuum pickers with end-of-arm capability
  • Four new Servo Robots
  • One Servo Robot for a 610-ton press to handle larger parts and those requiring a large working envelope for downstream automation

The result? Improved capability to automate the handling of all sizes of parts and new ways to meet the production goals of our customers.

Advantages Of Robots & Sprue Pickers

  • Reduction in unnecessary labor
  • Improved quality control
  • Enhanced accuracy and speed
  • Increased flexibility and process optimization
  • Secondary operations such as de-gate, fixturing, and inspection
  • Sorting and cavity isolation for packaging preparation (family molds and multi-cavity tools)

Customer Benefits

  • More accurate and repeatable product
  • Consistent cycle times greatly reduce the risk of material degradation
  • Reduced risk of product contamination

The markets we serve demand competitive, hands-off manufacturing processes in a clean molding environment. Our ongoing investments support these evolving customer needs while contributing to our commitment to on-time delivery of superior-quality products.